Family Matters

Over time families tend to grow and so do their assets if all is well planned and done. The older generation will have to hand over their estate and control some day and so the new heads of the family must be found and groomed and accepted. This takes time and lots of efforts especially because the rest of the family must accept and support this. That raises also questions such as “What do we tell those who shall not have leadership roles and what role, information and influence should non-leaders have?”

On this website practical answers and experiences are shared about this process. Also short explanations are given about suitable and flexible structures such as foundations, trusts, WAQF, to hold, control and finance the family, its assets and its philanthropy.

Suggestions are given for secure estate and safe tax planning, and the ways in which families can be organized and governed for example through family offices and with the help of family governance through documents such as a family charter with the relevant core family values, family culture and understandings within the family. These and many more topics with which families are often confronted, are covered.

Many authors have dealt with issues resulting from nationals moving from one country to another and the risks and opportunities thereof.