This website shares practical answers and experiences about this process. It also provides brief explanations of suitable and flexible structures, such as Foundations, Trusts, and Waqf, to manage and finance the family, its assets, and its philanthropy.

Suggestions are given for secure estate and safe tax planning, and the ways in which families can be organized and governed for example through family offices and with the help of family governance through documents such as a family charter with the relevant core family values, culture and understandings within the family. These and many more topics with which families are often confronted, are covered below.


Succession and Competitive edge: Two Challenges Keeping Family Business Leaders Awake

Two issues that might keep family business leaders awake at night Among the many challenges you as leaders of Family and Founder Controlled Businesses (FFCB’s) face, succession and gaining or maintaining a competitive edge might be the ones keeping you awake. They may seriously impact the future of your business as well as the level of future involvement of the family and founders. Succession: transferring control of the company to the next generation The first item that will creep up higher on the agenda over time is how the family wants to transfer the business to the next generation....

Succession, Family business succession, transfer to next generation, competition

Portugal’s Residency Visas: Golden Visa Changes and Alternative Routes in 2024

Portugal's Residency Visas  The Golden Visa changes are not yet in force, as they still need to be approved by the Portuguese President of the Republic and, afterwards, published in the “National Republic Gazette”. However, as analyzed in this article, not only some of the Golden Visa modalities will be maintained - standing as an opportunity for future investors -, as there are different possible solutions for people and investors with the intention of benefiting from the wave of the Portuguese economic growth and development and obtaining a Portuguese residency authorization, with all...

Portugal's Residency visas

A short introduction to the NTTR: Spain’s Gateway to Tax Efficiency for Expats

The Spanish Special Regime for New Temporary Tax Residents (“NTTR”) Widely known in the market as “The Beckham regime”, and formally referred to as, following a literal translation, “Special Tax Regime applicable to employees, independent professional contractors, entrepreneurs and investors expatriated into Spain” -no wonder the shortcut-, I have opted to have it abbreviated as the NTTR, for convenience and for lack of rights to use the famous footballer’s name. Hope it sticks, but fine if it does not! This, the NTTR, is the Spanish “competitor” to the Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident...

NTTR, spain, tax regime, expats, expats, source: sam williams

Inheritance and Gift Tax Issues with Joint Bank Accounts

Joint bank accounts – Inheritance tax and gift tax issues Based on law 4916/2022, the exemption from Greek inheritance tax that applied for deposits maintained in joint bank accounts held in Greece was extended also to joint bank accounts held abroad, with the exclusion of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. The exemption covers accounts in cash deposits and all kinds of securities. In order for the exemption to apply, the contract with the foreign bank should include a clause providing that after the death of any of the co-beneficiaries of the joint account the deposits are automatically...

Joint bank account, gift tax, inheritance