Wholistic Business Succession

by | Jun 13, 2024

Wholistic business succession uses awareness and opens new ways of seeing your life situation. The holistic law approach gives long term benefits, which are more sustainable than litigation and PR: happiness is the goal!

When thinking about selling or inheriting a business, you should first acknowledge how the actives will be divided, secondly evaluate how fights could impact your business and mental health, when it comes to litigation PR. At the end you can learn how to avoid all of that with a holistic law approach for business succession.

The division of assets in business succession

The Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) does not recognise a special right of business succession. In principle, the assets are divided according to the principle of equality of heirs and the allocation in kind of the inherited assets. Assignment in kind means, for example, that furniture or securities are distributed to heirs physically whole.

However, the imputation value of real estate is determined on the basis of the market value at the time of division. In case of disagreement between the heirs, this is determined in a binding manner by officially appointed experts (Art. 618 CC) in court case.

Since family conflicts are strenuous, one must consider the impact that court proceedings and PR strategies may have on a company, as I will explain below. Raising the awareness about the risk for your business as well as for your family and employees relationships is the first step. The second step is about estimating which impact litigation PR could have on the selling process.

Litigation PR for business succession?

Litigation PR is a form of public relations in which external communication is handled before, during and after litigation. The objective of litigation PR is to support the legal strategy in order to influence the outcome of the legal dispute with the help of the public and, at the same time, to avoid damage to the client’s reputation.

Now, let us look at the current example of the trial in the USA between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard, both to understand what litigation PR is, and to understand the difference between a lawyer and a holistic lawyer. The reason I would like to use this example, even though is not related to a business succession, is to explain with a well known example, how lives can change with litigation PR and EGO driven lawyers and PR agencies. As seen in social media, lawyers use litigation PR, also through specialised agencies, to manipulate judges opinion.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Any lawyer can win a litigation with the right PR. More difficult it becomes, if the legal team has to master their mindset during a shit storm and mean tactics by the opposite legal team.

Even though these two actors, Mr. Deep and Ms. Heard, look for PR opportunities, I do not think that they considered the twist for their careers when they started fighting each other in the court rooms and in the media. Litigation and PR is a double-edged blade: It is not possible to predict the benefit of this strategy: it does not matter how good your lawyer is.

Ask yourself how you would feel when everything would go wrong, before starting a litigation. If you think that you cannot handle the pressure or you would like to find a peaceful solution, then you should consider the wholistic law approach.

Wholistic Business Succession

The holistic approach for dispute resolution need a lawyer who is mindful and has deepen the knowledge of him/herself with a process of personal growth. This is important because the job of an attorney is EGO based. The lawyer education makes the attorney a fighter. Therefore, the reactions of a fighter are different from a person who is mindful due to a spiritual journey. However, you should be aware that you cannot recognize the difference from the appearance: a person can appear calm due to his genetic or ability to switch off emotions. As a result, you should ask the lawyer what kind of meaningful coaching educations, therapies and spiritual experience he/she has.

A holistic lawyer will handle your case mindfully, since he/she is empathic by using emotions and awareness for the better understanding of the situation of the client on a body, mind and soul level, as well as in his professional and privat environment. Therefore, the quality of the counseling by a holistic lawyer is different due to his own soul journey.

What is more, the holistic lawyer aim is to make your life changing process an experience which is not only based on the financial statement, contracts and solving family disputes, but also at reaching a sustainable result for all parties involved. By having learn to put her/his own EGO at services for a higher purpose, the holistic lawyer helps the client with a mindful approach. This means that the client will learn how to handle his business in a different and innovative way and find a wholistic solution.

Be happy!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to navigate the attention economy has become a critical skill for modern leaders. With constant distractions and a flood of information, capturing and retaining focus has never been more challenging. However, by embracing authentic intelligence, neurodiversity, and collective strength, forward-thinking individuals like Attorney Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo are pioneering new approaches to effective leadership in this attention-driven era. With a wealth of experience navigating cross-border cases across Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, she brings a unique perspective to the legal landscape. She is a trailblazer in Holistic Law, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of legal issues and their broader impacts on business and personal life. Read interview with her here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact her via the links below her picture.

Wholistic Business succession

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