This website shares practical answers and experiences about this process. It also provides brief explanations of suitable and flexible structures, such as Foundations, Trusts, and Waqf, to manage and finance the family, its assets, and its philanthropy.

Suggestions are given for secure estate and safe tax planning, and the ways in which families can be organized and governed for example through family offices and with the help of family governance through documents such as a family charter with the relevant core family values, culture and understandings within the family. These and many more topics with which families are often confronted, are covered below.


Global Wealth Shift: How Geopolitical Uncertainty is Reshaping HNWI Migration

As we advance through the third decade of the 21st century, geopolitical threats and shifting global dynamics are prompting high net worth individuals (HNWIs) to reassess the safest havens for their families and wealth. The war in Ukraine and the evolving relationship between China and the West are central to this reconsideration and global wealth shift. While London remains a popular destination for wealthy individuals, recent trends highlight a significant reorientation towards cities like Dubai and Singapore. Dubai: A Rising Star in Wealth Attraction Dubai has emerged as a prominent...

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A Holistic Approach to Legal Commitment for Unmarried Couples

As our society evolves, the traditional concept of marriage is no longer the only way to form a committed relationship. More and more couples are choosing to forego marriage, opting for cohabitation or other forms of partnership instead. However, the absence of legal protection for these couples can lead to complicated and emotional legal battles in the event of a separation. The Problem with Unmarried Relationships One of the main issues with unmarried relationships is the lack of legal consequences for hurtful or damaging behavior. Dishonesty, lying, and other negative actions can cause...

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Wholistic Business Succession

Wholistic business succession uses awareness and opens new ways of seeing your life situation. The holistic law approach gives long term benefits, which are more sustainable than litigation and PR: happiness is the goal! When thinking about selling or inheriting a business, you should first acknowledge how the actives will be divided, secondly evaluate how fights could impact your business and mental health, when it comes to litigation PR. At the end you can learn how to avoid all of that with a holistic law approach for business succession. The division of assets in business succession...

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A Holistic Approach to Family Business Succession with Women Leaders

Family business succession planning demands a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional considerations. Empowering women leaders, addressing legal aspects like real estate, divorce, and inheritance, are crucial in ensuring a seamless transition and preserving family harmony. This comprehensive article explores strategies that encompass these elements, providing a holistic approach to managing family conflicts during succession in family businesses. Building Bridges, Preserving Legacy: Empowering Women Leaders in Family Business Succession Planning Recognize the value that women...

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