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Why To Incorporate Philanthropic Giving Into Your Estate Plan?

Philanthropic giving can reduce the percentage of Inheritance Tax that must be paid on the estate and is therefore an important part of estate planning. There are many reasons why the inclusion philanthropy into an estate plan can create financial advantages, not only for the charitable beneficiaries, but also for the owner of the estate and their heirs. People who are eligible to pay Inheritance Tax can cut this tax bill quite drastically by leaving a percentage of their estate to charity. Incorporating philanthropic giving into an estate...

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Can I Create Trusts Under Swiss Law?

Switzerland does not have a law relating to trusts (yet). However, it ratified the Hague Convention regarding trusts and agreed therefore to recognize trusts that are created in accordance to the convention. Switzerland, as a civil law country, does not have a law relating to trusts. The creation of a trust under Swiss law is, therefore, not possible. It is noteworthy, however, that in 2018 the Swiss parliament mandated the Federal Council to create the legal basis for a Swiss trust and since then an expert group has been drawing up...

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