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Protecting your wealth and estate with an Anguilla Foundation

The History of the Anguilla Foundation The Anguilla Foundation is a versatile platform for Estate Planning and Asset Protection. The Anguilla Foundation finds its roots in the common law trust and, over the centuries, particularly thanks to the Liechtenstein, Austria and Panama models, has evolved into a unique wealth preservation vehicle, combining the benefits of both a trust and a company. An Anguilla Foundation is distinguishable from a trust, in that it has the rights and duties exercisable by the trustees of a trust (but not by the...

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Anguilla foundation

What you need to know about setting up an Anguilla Foundation

Setting up an Anguilla Foundation is almost as simple as creating an Anguilla Trust, with only a few more formalities for compliance purposes, but essentially not difficult. An Anguilla foundation is established by a natural or legal person making a declaration of establishment in writing, or by a single founder by will, and an initial property endowment of atleast US$10,000. Anguilla Trusts The procedure for creating an Anguilla trust is simplicity itself and no different from the procedure for doing so in many Common Law jurisdictions....

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setting up an anguilla foundation