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Do I need a Single or Multi-family Office?

An increasing amount of high earning business owners and families who have sold their businesses are turning to family wealth management offices to support them, instead of standard wealth management services. When families weigh up the question of whether to set up their own single-family office (SFO) or use the services of an existing multi-family office (MFO), they often overlook the matter of the jurisdiction in which that family office should be. This is actually an essential element that deserves serious thought. There are quite a...

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Family Office

The History of the Family Office

It is often assumed that the acclaimed American family, the Rockefellers, pioneered the family office in the late 19th century. However, history suggests otherwise. While today’s family offices are a modern phenomenon, they have always existed in various shapes and forms since ancient times. The discussion around family offices has intensified over the last decade as an increasing number of affluent families take a structured approach to their wealth management. Yet, we are not likely to ever find a uniform definition that encompasses...

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How to select your Multi-Family Office

The constantly increasing number of wealthy families has, over the past years, had a strong effect on demand for wealth management services like Multi-Family Offices. Ever more wealthy business owners and families that have sold their businesses are considering a family office to support them with their wealth management, instead of standard wealth management services. What is a Family Office? A family office is normally set up as a privately-owned legal entity (or structure) and supports wealthy families with the management, organisation...

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