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What do you need to know about Polish inheritance and donations tax?

Under Polish inheritance and donations tax law, a private foundation or a trust could be tax efficient if the Polish beneficiary fulfills some requirements. Does the private foundation or trust qualify for the tax-exempt status under Polish law? Even though Polish legal system does not know the institution of a private foundation whose purpose is to manage assets to the benefit of private individuals, or the institution of trusts, it is possible to use either of them to avoid the tax on inheritance and donations on the part of a Polish...

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What are the benefits of making a specific bequest under Polish law?

The main advantages of the specific bequest institution are: (1) its simplicity, (2) the complete and immediate  implementation of the will of the testator  (upon opening of the inheritance), (3) the possibility for the testator to decide that a specified person shall acquire the concrete object of the legacy. The specific bequest Three years ago, an institution of specific bequest (also called the vindication legacy) was introduced in the Polish legal system. The specific bequest enables a disposition of concrete assets in the case of...

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Formulating a viable parenting plan after divorce in Poland

The parenting plan ought to be precise and detailed, defining the respective responsibilities of the parents in all realms of the child’s life. At the same time, however, the parenting plan ought to be flexible enough to accommodate real-life practicalities. How to prepare a viable parenting plan in Poland? The parenting plan is a set of voluntarily agreed rules regulating exercise of parental rights and interacting with the child after the parents’ divorce. In order for the parenting plan to be included in a divorce decision handed down...

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