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Liechtenstein foundations and trusts for asset protection and wealth preservation

What benefits do Liechtenstein foundations and trusts offer for asset protection and wealth preservation? Some of us are in a fortunate position where asset protection and wealth preservation are not much of a concern because we live in countries where corruption is rare, governments are relatively stable and creditworthy, courts and governmental authorities are efficient, crime rates are low and chances that illegitimate claims will be enforced against our assets are remote. For people living in a country where one or more of these...

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liechtenstein foundations and trusts

Should I use a Liechtenstein foundation as a private trust company for my family?

Many families use trusts as an estate planning vehicle and for wealth preservation. Increasingly, instead of using a trustee company owned by a financial service provider, a private trust company (PTC) is appointed as a trustee. The use of a Liechtenstein foundation as such a PTC offers several key advantages. Advantages of a private trust company However, there has been a growing trend to create a so-called private trust company (PTC) to act as a privately held trustee company only for the trusts of one family. A key advantage of using a...

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