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Inheritance and Gift Tax Issues with Joint Bank Accounts

Joint bank accounts – Inheritance tax and gift tax issues Based on law 4916/2022, the exemption from Greek inheritance tax that applied for deposits maintained in joint bank accounts held in Greece was extended also to joint bank accounts held abroad, with the exclusion of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. The exemption covers accounts in cash deposits and all kinds of securities. In order for the exemption to apply, the contract with the foreign bank should include a clause providing that after the death of any of the co-beneficiaries of...

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Tax treatment of dividend in kind in Greece

Recently the dividend in kind has been introduced in the legislative framework of Greek law of Société Anonyme (SA), namely the option that the profits of a company may be distributed in the form of either shares of domestic or foreign listed companies or listed shares owned by the company or any other company asset, apart from cash.However, the Greek Income Tax Code (ITC) does not explicitly refer to the case of distribution of dividends in kind or its taxation. Greek tax perspective of dividend in kind The definition of “dividends”, as...

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