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Is Switzerland Introducing a Trust Law?

On a governmental level, the introduction of a Swiss law on trusts is currently being reviewed as Switzerland does not provide for a suitable instrument to be used for estate planning or asset protection purposes. Arguments for the introduction of a Swiss Trust Law It is argued that an introduction would have various advantages, for example citizens would be offered an instrument that is subject to the domestic legal system being more accessible and easier to understand, and providing clarity, leading to greater transparency and legal...

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Swiss Family Foundations: Ensuring Stability, Protection, and Continuity

The Family Foundation is used hesitantly in Swiss succession and estate planning, although in recent years, the establishment of a foundation has been increasingly evaluated again.  A robust estate planning ensures a reliable regulation and avoidance of conflicts amongst heirs. In each case, a tailor-made structure must be determined. While a testator may want to commit family assets over several generations to his family, another may seek avoidance of long inheritance proceedings or high inheritance taxes. Yet, other families seek...

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