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Outbound investments from China

For Chinese individuals making outbound investments, overcoming the obstacles from the aspects of regulatory and foreign exchange control becomes a priority. As China is now the second largest economy in the world and produces millionaires and billionaires faster than any other country every year, going abroad and investing overseas has become increasingly attractive for Chinese individuals. While many Chinese high net worth individuals are emigrating from China to other countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Singapore...

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Why Chinese HNWIs wishing to establish offshore trusts should act now?

Chinese HNWIs should act now as China may introduce a tax reform with the new estate tax, exit tax on emigration and adopt new rules to tax the contribution of appreciated assets into an offshore trust. Chinese high net worth individuals (“HNWIs”) are very interested in using offshore trust for wealth planning because of the unique benefits offshore trusts offer and also due to the fact that Chinese domestic trusts are not suitable for wealth planning.  As to the timing, we think Chinese HNWIs should act now so that they could avoid the...

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Offshore trusts

Legal and Tax restraints for Chinese HNWI Offshore trusts

Issues arising from setting up an offshore trust for a Chinese HNWI include the recognition of the trust itself and other legal and tax constraints. As more Chinese HNWIs have realized the unique benefits of offshore trust, especially in the areas of asset protection and succession planning, the number of Chinese HNWIs using offshore trust for wealth planning is increasing fast. However, setting up an offshore trust for a Chinese HNWI can be a complex task due to the Chinese legal and tax constrains. The recognition of offshore trust in...

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How could PRC community property rules impact offshore trust planning?

Property acquired during marriage will be presumed as community property if not otherwise structured. Property planning helps to obtain clean title to the assets that a PRC settlor wishes to contribute to an offshore trust, and thus prevents potential risks and claims. With the rapidly growing number of PRC high net worth individuals (“HNWIs”) and their increasing awareness of wealth planning, the use of an offshore trust by these HNWIs as a vehicle of wealth protection and preservation is becoming more and more popular in the PRC. Setting...

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