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Reform of the Swiss Federal Withholding Tax System on Interest

For a number of years, endeavors to reform the Swiss federal withholding tax system with regard to the taxation of interest from collective debt instruments have been going on. The reform is generally aimed at strengthening the Swiss debt capital market. The latest proposals would completely do away with federal withholding tax on bond interest. Background to the reform – the current withholding tax system Under the current rules, interest paid or accrued on collective debt instruments – so called “bonds” and “debentures” - issued by Swiss...

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Reform of the Swiss Federal Withholding Tax on Interest

Beware Tax pitfalls when moving from one country to another

Be sure to beware tax pitfalls when moving residence Swiss Courts ruled that a US citizen living in the UK could not get Swiss dividend tax back. With a judgment rendered on 27 November 2020 (case no. 2C_835/2017), the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (“FSC”) confirmed a decision by the Federal Administrative Court (“FAC”) of 24 August 2017 (decision no. A-1462/2016) concerning a an individual tax residence matter that arose in the context of certain dividend withholding tax (WHT) refund requests, which had been raised by the appellant (Mr. A,...

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