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Possible Tax consequences for emigrating Mexican families

This topic will focus on the issues that emigrating Mexican families may face as a result of having members with dual or even multiple nationalities, such as United States or Spanish nationality, or from changing tax residency. Emigrating Mexican Families The closeness of Mexico to the United States, as well as the Spanish origin of many Mexicans, makes it each day more often to see Mexican families having members with double or even more nationalities. This has some advantages but also a downside especially when we are talking about taxes...

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How to best structure Mexican family estate planning?

This article describes certain good ways to structure the estate of a Mexican family. There are several ways available under Mexican law to organize family estate planning. A family head wishing to distribute the family wealth is able to choose the tool that best suits his or her needs during the life time and even to organize the manner in which personal assets and real estate should be transferred upon death. Moreover, and provided the appropriate usage and/or combination of the alternatives listed below are followed, real estate and...

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