Checklist for Protecting your Family and Wealth

by | May 7, 2020

Protecting your family and wealth

Safety of families and their wealth is of paramount importance. To best protect that you can and should take care. To know that all is well we have made checklist to help with the protection of your family and wealth. When you are forced to stay at home for Covid or whatever reason we suggest to use the time to ensure that you provide your family with an opportunity to enjoy the accumulated wealth for many years to come.

Have a plan how to transfer your wealth to your family in an emergency scenario

Do you have a safe place to keep your ownership documents? Do your loved ones know how to find them? Make sure that you create a system of checks and balances, which will allow your heirs to find what documents you have, so they can step into ownership of assets without many years of searching.

Arrange for a medical proxy

What happens if you are incommunicado or unconscious at the hospital? Who is going to make vital business and medical decisions when you are unavailable? Medical proxy or a power of attorney given to a trusted friend, family member or a professional can be a solution.

Get another citizenship

Different countries provide different levels of protection to their citizens, including the opportunity to travel freely. Being able to act quickly should help to mitigate consequences of natural and man-made disasters alike.

Write a will

Without a will, in many countries such as Russia the fruits of your labour probably will be equally divided between a spouse, children and dependent parents. A will can change that. If you have a will, but you spend time in other countries, or have real estate abroad, or have a citizenship of another country, your old will might not cover all your assets and may not be valid in part or in whole.

Set up a family foundation or trust

A family foundation or trust will help you and your family to protect your assets from hostile parties, whilst allowing your family to enjoy the wealth. When you set up such foundation or trust, make sure a system of checks and balances is in place which allows the family to be in control, without directly controlling the trustees or board members. The choice of them is one of the most important decisions you will make about the new structure.

Check your existing structures

If your ownership documents or structures were done some time ago, please check if they are still legally sound and continue to serve your goals well.

Help others

There is so much more one can do with one’s wealth than just passing it on to the children. Dynasty trusts and dynastic foundations can ensure that wealth is preserved and enjoyed through generations. Charitable foundations can help to continue giving to the causes you care for.