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How to deal with disputes in the family business?

Sound Management and the Family Business A Family business is the pillar of family assets. A special attention should be given to it in a Family Charter. Who manages the Family Business? Family members and/or others? They may be assisted by consultants and advisers. How are Family directors and officers appointed? Are they remunerated? If yes, what is their legal status? Are they employees of the Family? How to remunerate them? The Family Charter should provide answers to these questions. An intricate matter not to be ignored when drafting...

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How is a Family Charter drafted?

Drafting a Family Charter The drafting of a Family Charter is not a difficult task, as long as its author is fully aware of what to provide in it. The best Family Charters are those that the largest number possible of Family members contributes to. Participating in the drafting of a Family Charter, or contributing to its contents, is an important step that is indicative that the participant, or contributor and, of course, all Family members who sign it off have the intention to abide by its provisions. The Charter is the baby of those who...

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Introduction to Basic Family Charters

Introduction to basic Family Charters There are some frequent questions that are raised by researchers when looking into a specific matter. Some of them seem to have obvious answers when, more frequently than not, this is not the case. What is a Family? A Family is a group of individuals having in common a blood bond, or a kin relationship, derived from marriage or adoption. All civilizations across the globe have allocated a special place to family clusters or units. However, and for a number of reasons, not the least being the rather...

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High net worth family charters, protecting family and wealth

A Family Charter should not be looked at as a piece of literature to work on, perfect and store in a drawer. It has a specific use and it should address a minimum of critical and important matters of concern to the family. What is the Role of a Family Charter? A Family Charter will help reduce any future frictions among family members. It entices them to keep the bond on, and the business in the Family; and provide them with a taste of the ingredients that have been behind the success of the business in the past, hoping that they will...

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